Thursday, December 8, 2011

Adobe Edge Preview 3 - REVIEW

Here at Bonozo we've been working on several exciting projects for the mobile markets and had the opportunity to give Adobe Edge Preview a shot.  

Out of the digital box, Adobe Edge is a pretty slick piece of software.  The interface is unobtrusive and you can almost immediately tell how they want you to use it.  Or so it would seem...

The Layout

Here it is folks...

"The Business End" - labeled appropriately so (by me and not by adobe) because this is where you see everything you're actually doing.  This is pretty standard, "put the most important thing in the middle".

Pros -
  • Scalable (also pretty standard)
  • You can zoom in and out pretty easily
  • The stuff off the screen is visible (so the stuff that is hanging outside of your canvas is partially transparent and darker... this is rad, and probably pretty standard.)
  • Dock it or not dude, it's all good... (docking capability - also standard) - But not standard is the way they do it... which is pretty slick.  It's not immediately obvious but it shows you an adorable graphical indicator of where it will be docked...  here's another picture: