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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adobe Tweets Porn

Less than 2 days after we tweeted about Apple's Provisioning Portal failure and posted about it on the Apple Developer Forums (which received 150+ replies), we have caught another major tech industry leader fowl up.

At approximately 3:00pm CST on Thursday, June 21, 2012, Adobe Edge tweeted the following:

Get the latest on CSS techniques c/o . Great collection of resources.

The URL goes to a 404 Error page at !

We are huge fans of Adobe and Adobe Edge, but found this too funny to keep to ourselves.  We naturally replied to Adobe:

The link for "Get the latest on CSS techniques" is to an adult site?

And they replied back, confirming that the URL fowl-up was from them, and not that fact Twitter went down on this same day:

Just sent out correct one.

Adobe did re-tweet with the correct link, and, in fact, we loved the demos of 3D CSS:

Correct Link: Powerful New CSS- and JavaScript Techniques c/o .

For more major tech industry leader fowl ups (MTILFU):
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