Sunday, December 4, 2011

Adobe Edge: Error -324

Our Art Director, Don "The Chicken Sandwich", received this error message when opening, or creating, a new document in Adobe Edge Preview 3:

Error -324 when loading url

Searching did not deem many results in regards to this error.  It was reported in the Adobe Forums, once, in late July, and marked "Not Answered".

Like the poster, we too were using Windows 7 64-bit in this incident.

Fortunately, we discovered a work around, and are blogging it, in case it will help anyone.

Disconnect from the internet entirely to avoid the error.

We believe the issue is caused by an internet time out (ex. slow internet connection).  If you disconnect from the internet entirely, it most likely results in a "fail or cannot connect", instead of a time out, and continues.

You may be able to reconnect the internet, and keep working in Edge.

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